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Wireless - WiFi


bullet Wi-Fi Market info and Stats for year 2003     
bullet In-Stat expects the Wireless LAN (WLAN) chipset market to reach just over 140 million annual chipset unit shipments in 2005

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bullet Wireless LAN Community - A wireless lan community focussing on Wi-Fi Reviews, News and Discussion
bullet Wireless Review - White papers, web casts and case studies for mobile computing.
bullet Albany NY Area Free Wi-Fi Access List - List of free and public Wi-Fi access points in the Capital Region of New York State.
bullet Blackpool Wlan - Information on wlans in blackpool uk. contact details and guestbook for visitors. promoting wlans and hotspots in blackpool.
bulletHerecast - Create location-based services using Wi-Fi. Also an open-source 802.11 network scanner for Pocket PC.
bullet Highest Wireless Link in the Eastern US - Information on the highest wireless network in the East Coast, spanning 5 miles across two mountain tops.
bulletMalborough Wifi - Wireless community project in Malborough, New Zealand.
bulletMelbourne Wireless - Community wireless networking group dedicated to creating a free public network in Melbourne, Australia.
bullet Nerualink Wireless Network - Metro Manila, Philippines based non-profit wireless network. Provides information about the group, photos, diagrams and links to howtos.
bullet NetStumbler.com - Includes news, access point mapping, and software. Also includes information about the Windows NetStumbler wireless network auditing software.
bulletNZWireless - New Zealand based wireless community. Offers news, forums and wireless howtos.
bulletOEM Ready Software to mesh enable 802.11 Access Points - 60Kb software control layer, monitors the environment and modifies network topology and mesh routing to meet performance requirements.
bulletTravels With a Locust MeshAP - Blog about wireless networking and MeshAP. Contains information, experiences and news.
bulletWAVES Lab - Wireless communication research group at Michigan State University. Includes list of members and publications.
bulletWi-Fi Alliance - The Wi-Fi Alliance is a nonprofit international association formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of wireless Local Area Network products based on IEEE 802.11 specification.
bulletWi-Fi Planet - Provides wireless news, tutorials, reviews and insights.
bulletWiMaxxed - Offers WiMax news, articles, events and resources.
bulletWi-Pipe Ltd. - Distributor of antenna, WLAN radios, point to point links and 802.11 wireless ISP equipment. Purchase online. Trade discounts available.
bulletWireless gumph - News, reviews and howtos on wireless networking.
bullet Wireless Internet Guide - Information about setting up a home wireless network.
bullet Wireless LAN 802.11 Technology - Provides detailed information about creating a secure wireless infrastructure using different technologies and different designs of homemade wireless antenna.
bullet Wirelessly Networking Sydney - Community based project to provide a low cost alternative to ongoing expensive monthly bills for high speed data access networks.

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