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VoIP - Voice over IP



Quintum Technologies is a seven-year-old Voice over IP company, based in Eatontown, New Jersey, with distribution in more than 67 countries around the world. They have been recognized as one of the fastest growing VoIP gateway companies, and they are the #2 player in market share for the low density (less than 1,000 ports) VoIP market (InStat/MDR). Quintum is also a Nortel Developer Partner, providing the "branch office gateway" IP telephony solution for the Succession 1000 IP PBX and BCM.




SysMaster Corporation, founded in 1998, is a leading vendor of Voice-over-IP equipment,  serving emerging and traditional telecom  and service providers. The company differentiates itself from the competition by offering integrated VoIP solutions which enable its customers to deliver profitable, real-time VoIP services to their subscribers. SysMaster solutions are based on the company’s extensive product line, which includes VoiceMaster VoIP Billing, SM7000 VoIP Gateway, uniSwitch Softswitch, megaSwitch Class 5, VoIP Softphone, Tornado IP Phone and more.



Sipura is the leader in VoIP CPE technology for mass deployment.

Sipura Technology's products, comprised of VoIP CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and station endpoint equipment, help bring an exciting new world of communication services to customers and profitable new revenue streams to operators.

 Sipura Technology offers service provider and enterprise customers solutions that support efficient and cost-effective services that can be deployed and managed on a large scale.


Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., is the recognized global leader in VoIP, Wireless and Ethernet networking for home, SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and small business users. Based in Irvine, California, Linksys specializes in products and solutions that provide effortless and economical sharing of broadband Internet connections, files, printers, digital music, videos, photos and gaming over a wired or wireless network. These reliable, easy-to-use, world-class products are backed with award-winning technical support, setting the standard for excellence in the consumer and small business.


ZyXEL is one of the world's leading broadband access solutions vendors, Major Product Lines: DSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), IP DSLAMs, Switches, Internet Security Gateways, Wireless LAN Equipment, Routers, ISDN Terminal Adapters and VoIP end user equipments. 

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