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VoIP - Voice over IP

 Service Providers

 VoIP Top Service Providers - Business 

 VoIP Service Providers full list - Consumers
1TouchTone    All Talk   Blasterphone   BroadVoice   Dialpad
Broadband Talk (BT)    Broadline    Broadvox   DSLi Voice
Callvantage (AT&T)   Charter Telephone    Comwave ELec
Digital Phone (Time Warner)   Digitale Telefonie (UPC)
Digital Telephone (Cox Communications)   G-Tel Connect
Galaxy Voice    Global Broadband Phone (Nicer Tech)
Home Phone (Rogers)   IPfone   IPfonie   ISIP 
Home Phone Service (Comcast)  IConnectHere (Deltathree)
IPtel Direct  Lingo (Primus)  Mix  Navigata  Net2Phone
My Web Calls  Neighborhood Broadband Calling (MCI)
Next2Nothing (i2Telecom)  Nuvio Voice  One Flex (Qwest)
Optimum Voice (Cablevision)  Packet8  People Line SIPTalk
Phonom  PowerCom Local Phone  RocketVoIP  
Speakeasy Home   SunRocket Telefone  TotalTalk (AOL)
TrueVoice (EarthLink)  ViaTalk  VoiceGlo   Vonage  Vox
VoiceWing (Verizon)  WipPhone  WorldCity  Yahoo BB Phone
  Z-Connect  Z-Tel

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