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D S   L - Digital Subscriber line 



DSL & Broadband Testing Solutions



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          Bandwidth testing

bulletBandwidth-test.net - Free test of internet connection, downstream, upstream and ping.
bulletBeeline Bandwidth Test - Web based graphical (flash) tool to test the speed of an internet connection.

bullet Broadband Speed Test - Web based speed test applet which analyses both downstream and upstream speeds from the UK.
bullet Broadband-help.com - Web based speed and bandwidth test. Analyses speed, quality, round trip. Use to monitor the quality of your broadband provider.
bulletCNET - Bandwidth Meter - Web based tool for testing bandwidth. Includes a service locator for North America.
bulletConnection Speed Test - Internet connection benchmarking tool.
bullet Downstream speed test - Test your broadband or modem connection.
bullet Febooti Download Speed - Freeware utility for Windows. Test your internet download speed and estimate download times.
bullet Internet Speed test - Test the speed of your broadband connection.
bullet Line Speed Testing - Test your broadband connection. Provides accurate download and upload tests.
bullet MSN - Internet Speed Test - Test for Dial-up modem, ISDN, DSL/Cable and LAN/WAN. [US only]
bulletMultidata Bandwidth Meter - Web based bandwidth test from Jakarta, Indonesia.
bulletMy Bandwidth Test Meter - Bandwidth test meter for checking the connection speed for dsl, cable, modems, wimax, voip and other internet connections.
bulletMySpeed - Testing service measures download and upload speeds for registered users.
bulletOnline.net - Internet connection bandwidth test.
bullet Optimum Online Speed Check - Uses a car speedometer interface for checking bandwidth speed.
bullet Oz Broadband Speed Test - Australian Cable, ADSL, and Dial-up internet speed test.
bullet PC Pitstop - Internet Download Bandwidth Test - Web based tool for measuring bandwidth by downloading text files of different sizes.
bullet2punk - A free simple internet bandwidth test.
bulletThe Speed - Bandwidth speed tests from multiple locations around the world.
bulletSpeed Test Online - Test downstream and upstream connections.
bulletSpeed.kify.com - Test your internet connection speed.
bulletSprint Speed Test - Internet connection speed test.
bulletToast Net - Test the speed of your Internet connection. Unlimited tests at no additional charge.
bullet ToolPanel.org - Web based tool for testing your download bandwidth. Doesn't require any browser plugins.
bulletTPtest- Internet performance test suite - Open Source (GPL/LGPL) software suite for testing network throughput (aka "bandwidth").
bulletUrlInfo - Bandwidth test and IP check.
bullet2 Wire - Bandwidth Meter - Measures current bandwidth speed.

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